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Roni Kabillo

Clinical Psychologist
Experience: 20 years
Roni Kabillo | Melbourne Clinical Psychologists Dr. Roni Kabillo | Nexus Psychology
Counselling for Men & Counselling for Male Adolescents. Roni Kabillo works in a collaborative and frank / open client-driven process.

Emphasis on identifying strengths and resources to problem-solve and focus on interactions in the counselling space as a means to reflect on broader pervasive and historical patterns, and assist with resolution that is expansive and strengthening.


To meet in a conversation space with another and to speak openly is a big step.

It is an act of kindness to oneself and a chance to develop clarity, sensitivity, insight and personal direction.

For me, it is a humbling and enriching privilege to facilitate an open heart conversation and to provide a space that allows another to come forward – to meet oneself, so to speak.

My intention is to enable a broadening of awareness that fosters self-compassion; comfort with vulnerability; and, wisdom about being human.

I draw on the principles and practices of Insight Meditation and Insight Dialogue and follow an intuitive person-focused process that heightens open, truthful and practical communication.


I have been a practising therapist since 1998. I spent the early part of my career in adolescent mental health settings working with individuals, families, parents and groups.

I completed a clinical psychology doctorate in 2005 and then spent a number of years in a family therapy centre where I worked systemically with clients and their families – occasionally employing team-based processes.

In 2010 I joined Nexus psychology as a co-director with my life partner Dori, and here I continue to see clients on a predominantly individual basis.

My counselling focus has honed over the years on my passion for speaking with males of all ages.

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