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Mindfulness Therapy

Nexus Psychology Mindfulness Programs
Learn a life changing skill with our Mindfulness Therapists and live with enhanced wellness

Mental Resilience and Mindfulness Workshop 26th August, 2022

Managing a work-life balance can be extremely challenging, and high demands are constantly requiring our attention and focus. In an attempt to cope we can often become frazzled and stretched by multitasking. Our brains can struggle to keep up and the result is often worry, stress, and decreased performance.

Brain research has shown that relaxation, focus and mental clarity are qualities that can be cultivated with mindfulness training. Mindfulness can also help us show up for ourselves and others with more kindness and purpose.

In this workshop, theory about mindfulness and the brain will be introduced along with practical exercises and concrete tools to use in everyday life.

Martin Strom has a wealth of experience in helping people unlock the power of their minds. He is a psychologist, author, and keynote speaker and has worked with organizations such as Accenture, Ikea, Microsoft, Unilever, and the UN. Martin is also currently providing counselling at Nexus Psychology.

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The Mindful Based Stillness Meditation Program is a wonderful way to expand your understanding and practice of Mindfulness.

Mindful Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) Program

  • Sessions are facilitated with certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Annette Marlow.
  • The Mindful Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) program offered through Nexus Psychology, trains the mind to ground itself in the present moment.
  • MBSM develops the skill of attention-regulation and allows the individual to connect to a more still and quieter part of oneself.

Mindfulness has many powerful practical applications including: improving mental health, improving work, life or sports performance, managing pain, coping with illness, improving sleep, or simply increasing one’s sense of happiness and wellbeing.

The Mindful Based Stillness Meditation Program is a wonderful way to expand your understanding and practice of Mindfulness.

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Wellness Programs

A range of Wellness programs to support individuals and organisations are now available including:

How to keep your mental and physical health in check during Covid 19

  • This session offers clear suggestions and practical exercises to help motivate and remind your team how important it is to look after your mind and body so you can stay grounded, build resilience, remain productive, and maintain a healthy mindset.

Breathe your way to better health

  • This session introduces various breathing techniques that calm the nervous system, reduce the production of stress hormones, and promote healing.
  • 20 minutes via Zoom

Mindful meditation on Breath Awareness

  • This session offers participants new to Mindfulness or familiar with Mindfulness to experience a Mindful Meditation.
  • 20 minutes via zoom

Desk health

  • Relieve tension and tightness through chair based mindful movement.
  • 20 minutes via Zoom


  • This session guides participants through a relaxing body scan to experience true rest and relaxation.
  • 20 minutes via Zoom

Practical mindfulness

  • This Introductory Program is aimed at teaching participants how to cultivate Mindfulness.
  • 4 week 1 hr x 4 via zoom mindfulness program.

Mindfulness 4-Week Program

Give yourself a full appreciation and experience of Mindfulness by coming to this 4-week Introductory Program.

You will leave with plenty of practical exercises, tools and tips that form the foundation for you to start developing a more mindful life.

Cost: $120 for the 4-week program


Nexus St Kilda Road Office
Suite 4, Level 4, 517 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004
Tuesdays 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm
November 12th, 19th, 26th, and December 3rd.

Casual Sessions

These drop in sessions are designed for those wanting to practice in a small group setting, refresh their practice and learn new techniques.


Nexus St Kilda Road Office
Suite 4, Level 4, 517 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004
Tuesdays 12pm – 12.45pm.

Nexus Carnegie Office
315A Neerim Road, Carnegie 3163
Fridays 12pm -1pm

Melbourne Mindfulness Program Facilitator

Annette Marlow

Mindful Meditation Teacher & Wellness Consultant

Annette is a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, a registered member of Meditation Australia and has been teaching Integrative Wellness for 17 years.

Annette is passionate about helping people improve their physical and mental wellbeing through Mindfulness and Mindful Movement. Her programs are designed to make Mindfulness accessible and realistic for everyone.

Visit Annette’s website to learn more

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