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Beverley Marcus

Clinical Psychologist
Experience: Over 12 years in private practice
Beverley Marcus Nexus Psychology Melbourne
I am a Clinical Psychologist with a background in Speech and Hearing Therapy and Social Work. In my years of work, I have found that the emotional impact of a situation needs to be addressed sensitively and honestly in an environment that feels safe enough to do so.


As a psychologist, I understand that part of being human entails going through experiences that leave us feeling vulnerable and unsettled, often with a shattered sense of trust and hope in the world and others. Dealing with these feelings on your own is no easy task, and although the decision to begin seeing a psychologist is not an easy one, entering a therapy relationship provides a safe space, where together a journey can be embarked upon as a way of finding meaning and bringing about change. Therapy also aims to understand and shift repetitive choices, patterns and behaviours that result in unfavourable outcomes. I work from a psychodynamic perspective but the therapy process is always tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

In essence, I understand therapy to be an investment in one’s self and one’s future.

I work primarily with adults and in my years of practice, the majority of my work has focussed on individual adult psychotherapy. In addition to my adult work, I also offer parent-infant psychotherapy and under five play therapy, all with particular focus on the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for growth and change.


Beverley Marcus Gorelick is a clinical psychologist with a background in Speech and Hearing Therapy and social work. She has been in private practice for 12 years, working mainly with individual adults, which has been the primary focus of her work in her years of private practice. In addition to individual adult therapy, she also sees couples and offers under 5 play therapy and parent-infant psychotherapy. She works primarily from a psychodynamic approach which aims to understand the patterns that are unconsciously being repeated in order to bring about change and create space for new and healthier experiences.

Her background degree in speech and hearing therapy has been invaluable in terms of working with parents of children with special needs which is another area of interest. (Beverley has recently written a book titled “The Storm inside Katie” that highlights the idea of helping parents assist their children in managing difficult feelings through characters that are easy to relate to for both parents and children.)

Clients I work with:

Issues I work with:

Additional Specialty Issues:

  • Identifying repetitive patterns
  • Transitioning into parenting

Therapeutic Approaches I use: