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Advice to Managers and Organisations on Dealing with Mental Health Issues

Nexus Psychology Corporate Psychology Services
Mental health problems, especially depression and anxiety, are common in the community. As such it is highly likely that, as a manager, one will supervise a worker with mental illness at some point in their career.

Moreover, mental health distress is a likely concern in any workplace environment due to common stresses of workload, workplace culture, individual factors, and interpersonal conflict.

Our organisational psychologists are able to provide managers and organsiations with a mental health awareness framework that enhances robustness and resilience in the workplace. This framework, informed by Mindfulness theory, emphasises factors of coping and wellbeing that may be cultivated by individuals and engendered on an organisational level.

In addition, our psychologists can:

The approach and objective is to provide the necessary knowledge and practical skills for participants to identify factors relating to Mental Health issues and general wellbeing and stress in the workplace, and to determine and implement appropriate strategies including taking early preventative and supportive action.