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Nexus Psychology

Your psychologist is available to help you even while you are at home

Telehealth or telepsychology – is a term used for counselling that is conducted remotely – eg, via telephone or an online video – such as Skype, Zoom or Coviu.

At Nexus Psychology we have been offering telehealth (telephone / video) sessions for some time.

Our clients report that online video sessions in particular have been of great value and our admin team will provide the information you need to help you manage with any technical difficulties.

If you prefer a phone session, or if you experience technical issues with online video – your psychologist will call your mobile phone from a private number.

A few things to note for your telehealth session with your psychologist:

Staying Present and Mindful

The current situation we are all facing is very difficult- there are a lot of things going on that are uncertain and out of our control.

In these times it can be good to focus on some of the things you can control like your breath.

We have link below of a recording of a short breathing exercise by Annette Marlow who is our Nexus Wellness coordinator.

Breathing Excercise