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Annette Marlow

Wellness Coordinator
Mindful Meditation Teacher and Wellness Coach
Melbourne Mindfulness Program Facilitator

Annette Marlow entered the wellness industry after a decade of working in the corporate environment, observing how stress, poor posture, poor nourishment and overscheduled lifestyles negatively impact health.

Determined to educate people in ways to improve their mental and physical health she developed a skill base to support this.

For 20 years Annette has been delivering an integrated approach to wellbeing as an exercise coach and Mindful Meditation educator.

Annette has been designing and facilitating the Nexus Psychology Mindfulness Programs for individual clients and employees as part of our Employment Assist Program (EAP) for the past 5 years.

Wellness Programs

A range of Wellness programs to support individuals and organisations are now available including:

How to keep your mental and physical health in check during Covid 19

  • This session offers clear suggestions and practical exercises to help motivate and remind your team how important it is to look after your mind and body so you can stay grounded, build resilience, remain productive, and maintain a healthy mindset.

Breathe your way to better health: 20 min via

  • This session introduces various breathing techniques that calm the nervous system, reduce the production of stress hormones, and promote healing.

Mindful meditation on Breath Awareness: 20 min via zoom

  • This session offers participants new to Mindfulness or familiar with Mindfulness to experience a Mindful Meditation.

Desk health: 20 min via Zoom

  • Relieve tension and tightness through chair based mindful movement.

Relaxation: 20 min via Zoom

  • This session guides participants through a relaxing body scan to experience true rest and relaxation.

Practical mindfulness: 4 week 1 hr x 4 via zoom mindfulness program

  • This Introductory Program is aimed at teaching participants how to cultivate Mindfulness. Passionate about wellbeing, Annette believes that Mindfulness is one of the most important life skills to support a healthy lifestyle.

Therapeutic Approaches I use:

Blog contributions by Annette Marlow

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