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Social Anxiety / Concerns

Issues we work with: Social Anxiety / Concerns

What is Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety – the experience of being uncomfortable or anxious in social situations – can be mild, moderate or severe, and is largely linked with feelings of self-consciousness, and the irrational fear of being negatively perceived or judged by others.

In excessive proportions, this is a debilitating disorder that can cause a host of everyday circumstances and settings to feel insurmountably difficult.

Social interactions that may appear effortless or natural for some people, such as introducing oneself, or holding a simple conversation – can feel dreadful and impossible for a person suffering with social anxiety.

While it is normal to feel a degree of anxiety in social situations – and particularly in high stimulus situations, like public speaking, or large gatherings – excessive sensitivity that is deeply unsettling, or that leads to social avoidance, can be problematic.

Feeling socially anxious is often a burdensome preoccupation that consumes the mind, and is also associated with feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, and inferiority.

Regular or prolonged social anxiety is linked to low self-esteem and depression, and can also be a hindrance to creating and maintaining certain relationships.

With the help of therapy and counselling, social anxiety can be managed effectively. An experienced psychologist specialising in social anxiety can offer a range of practical and strategic interventions like mindfulness, sysdesensitization and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), that assist with promoting self-acceptance, building confidence, learning coping skills.

The psychologists below have years of experience across a range of approaches and treatment modalities that are designed to help with managing and overcoming social anxiety.

Psychologist specialising in Social Anxiety / Concerns

Provisional Psychologist
General Psychologist
Psychologist (MA Organisational Psychology) / Coach
Counselling Psychotherapist | Teacher & Educator
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
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