Veronica Buk

Her approach to therapy is tailored to the unique needs of each client, using various techniques and methodologies. Veronica’s clients appreciate her for her warmth, thoughtfulness, and genuine care. They describe her as a supportive and empathetic professional who goes above and beyond to understand their needs. Veronica is known for her ability to assist individuals in recognizing their strengths and triumphing over challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem.

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Ruth Kennedy

Ruth Kennedy Nexus Psychology Melbourne

Ruth’s therapeutic approach is client centred and collaborative. She seeks to empower each client to build their personal coping skills, while working towards mutually developed goals.

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Richard Hulme

Richard Hulme

Richard Hulme is motivated and passionate about helping and supporting individuals, and acknowledges the courage taken by them to seek help.

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Renee Kharsas

Renee Kharsas Melbourne Psychologist Renee Kharsas | Nexus Psychology

It is my hope that when someone spends time in the therapy room with me that our relationship feels honest, authentic and safe.

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Rebecca Albeck

Rebecca Albeck Melbourne Psychologist Rebecca Albeck | Nexus Psychology

Rebecca Albeck began her career as a psychologist on a multidisciplinary team in Sydney’s western suburbs. That experience gave her a fantastic grounding in the mental health system, breadth of experience and some outstanding mentors from a variety of fields including child psychology, hypnotherapy, relaxation training and couples therapy.

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Nicholas Kerr

Nicholas Kerr – Nexus Psychology Melbourne

Nicholas Kerr works closely with clients by establishing an engaging rapport and creating a space for open communication.

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Martin Strom

Nexus Psychology Melbourne

I want to help clients discover their limiting beliefs and behaviours that are not conducive to their well-being.

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Samantha Beeken


Samantha Beeken provides counseling to adults and older adults for a variety of issues including: depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and emotion regulation.

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Rohan Borschmann

Melbourne Psychologist Dr. Rohan Borschmann | Nexus Psychology

Rohan Borschmann is a registered psychologist specialising in CBT techniques to work with adolescents and adults experiencing issues relating to self-harm, substance use, depression, anxiety, and legal proceedings at the St. Kilda Road office.

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Maria Strom

Maria Strom Nexus Psychology Melbourne

I really want to understand my client from the heart, see where this person is coming from and where they want to go in their life.

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Lucy Romano

Melbourne Psychologist Lucy Romano | Nexus Psychology

My style is to work holistically, and to provide clients with a safe, respectful and supportive space, to think about their presenting issues.

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Linnea Reddie

Linnea Reddie Nexus Psychology Melbourne

Linnea Reddie is a Psychologist and registered Medicare provider who works with individuals presenting with a range of issues.

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Lee Sepe

Lee Sepe Nexus Psychology Melbourne

Lee Sepe believes that the positive working relationship between client and therapist facilities and governs any mental health improvements.

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Lara Hanson

Melbourne Social Work and Counselling Psychologist Lara Hanson | Nexus Psychology

Lara Hanson offers individual counselling, couple therapys, and counseling for adolescents, parenting, and family therapy to help with depression, anxiety, stress management, postnatal challenges, and relationship issues.

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John Vilianiotis

John Vilianiotis | Nexus Psychology

John Vilianiotis is a registered psychologist and has been working both in organisational and private counselling / clinical settings for over 20 years.

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Jessica Lilas Carstairs


Jessica Lilas Carstairs is a registered Clinical Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) College of Clinical Psychologists. Jessica has experience in both private and public sectors, including school, community, and hospital settings.

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Boyd Cowley

Depression Counselling | Psychologist Boyd Cowley

Over the past 20 years Boyd Cowley has worked with children and adolescents who have reported a wide range of difficulties in a variety of different environments such as trauma clinics, schools and in private practice.

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Beverley Marcus

Beverley Marcus Nexus Psychology Melbourne

I am a Clinical Psychologist with a background in Speech and Hearing Therapy and Social Work. In my years of work, I have found that the emotional impact of a situation needs to be addressed sensitively and honestly in an environment that feels safe enough to do so.

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Barbara Eppingstall

ACT Psychologist Melbourne Barbara Eppingstall | Nexus Psychology

Barbara Eppingstall is located at Carnegie and specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and hypnotherapy for adults & older adults to help manage various concerns including: anxiety, depression, sleep, weight management and health related problems.

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Amelia Twiss

Melbourne Psychologist Amelia Twiss|Nexus Psychology

Amelia Twiss’ approach is client-centred, drawing from coaching psychology, organisational psychology, emotion-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and compassion.

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Adam Blanch

Melbourne Psychologist Adam Blanch | Nexus Psychology

Adam is a Psychologist providing general psychology and specialising in trauma, complex trauma and personality disorders.

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Dani Harrison

Melbourne Counselling Psychologist Dani Harrison|Nexus Psychology

Dani Harrison specialises in counselling for relationship issues, sexual issues, addiction, anxiety and grief. She employs Person-centred approaches that include Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness.

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Roni Kabillo

Roni Kabillo | Melbourne Clinical Psychologists Dr. Roni Kabillo | Nexus Psychology

Counselling for Men & Counselling for Male Adolescents. Roni Kabillo works in a collaborative and frank / open client-driven process.

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Aisha Brydon

Aisha Brydon Clinical Psychologist

Aisha offers individual, parent-child & group therapy to manage issues like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, stress management, Relationships, Parenting & Life Transitions.

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