Resolution Success – A guide to choosing and fulfilling your New Year’s goals

New Year resolutions give an opportunity to reflect on self and on life, and especially on meaningful change. But keeping resolutions in focus can be tricky because we procrastinate, lose patience or allow other things to take priority. There are some important principles that can help with reaching your goals and that can empower you to take a positive step forward in the new year.

1. Set goals for yourself, not others
Your goals need to represent your own values, beliefs and intentions. It’s important to set resolutions that are personally meaningful and that will help you develop in the ways that are important to you as an individual. It’s hard enough to stay focused and motivated with the things we care about, but harder still when our goals aren’t true to ourselves.

2. Celebrate achievements
Reflect back on the year that’s passed and praise yourself for the things you did well. Celebrating your achievements gives you an understanding of how you have already accomplished success, and the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. Having a positive mindset is critical!!!

3. Every goal needs a plan
Before you start working on your goal, ask yourself ‘What’s the action plan for making this happen?’ Outline your steps and schedule these in your calendar. Or simply set out a checklist. Goals become a lot easier to reach when you’re well prepared and when you allocate time for them in your daily routine.

4. Anticipate challenge
It’s normal for things to go off track, especially when our goals require a lifestyle or behavioural change. When we’re not used to change we get uncomfortable, and then naturally we seek to be comfortable again. Learn to anticipate challenge – make a list of the problems you may face and write down ways you’ll manage them. This way you’ll be prepared for possible triggers and situations when these problems are likely to arise. And when you do have a setback, learn from the experience and get back on track.

5. Be patient
When you don’t see results overnight – don’t get overly frustrated, and more importantly, don’t lose hope. Achieving your goal can take time, and this will largely depend on what the goal is, how many hours you can dedicate towards it and the resources you have available. It helps to break down bigger goals into smaller goals and to reward yourself when you reach each mini-milestone.. Your broader goal becomes more manageable this way, and you’ll still feel like you’re making progress, particularly during the more challenging phases.

So with a few tips in mind, get your ideas flowing… And from all of us here at Nexus – may the year ahead bring fulfilment, good fortune, and of course – resolution!!


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