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Psychologists who work with Schools

Working with Schools

We understand that to a school the well being of its student is paramount. As such, upon expressing you interest in referring students in need to our services, we propose a meeting or phone call between a school representative and our Practice Director. Dori is able to answer any queries you may have, explain to you more about our services, who our psychologists are, where their expertise lies and how they work, so that you truly know and trust who your students are referred to.
Nexus Psychology | Melbourne Psychologist

Many young people are challenged by social difficulties, self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, isolation, bullying, exam stress, divorce, family separation, and many other trying developmental processes.

When a young person is experiencing emotional difficulties it is often hard for them to know where to turn, or how to express and cope with what they are feeling. School is often the first place to turn for advice, and school counsellors can offer invaluable support during these times. However, there are times when additional counselling support with an experienced child and adolescent psychologist would be valuable. Perhaps the issues at hand fall outside of the school counsellors area of expertise, or perhaps these issues are complex and involve parents or the whole family. This is where Nexus psychology can help, by providing quality independent psychologists who specialise in working with young people and families , for schools to refer to when their students are facing emotional difficulties.

Our Psychologist who work with Schools

Counselling Psychotherapist | Teacher & Educator
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Counselling Psychologist and Family Therapist
Counselling Psychologist



Want some more information or to make an appointment to see one of our Psychologists? Please contact us and we can chat over the phone about what to expect from counselling and your next steps.