Work Related Issues

Although our jobs have the potential to bring meaning and focus into our lives, for many people work can cause dissatisfaction, stress and uncertainty.

Individuals spend a large majority of their lives dedicated to their jobs, and careers significantly influence how we live our lives. However, work related issues are common, and can be a major source of distress to individuals and often to their families.

There are variety of reasons that can contribute to work being experienced as a negative.

Job dissatisfaction is a widely experienced feeling, caused by such factors as a lack of challenge in one’s role, long work hours, unsatisfactory pay and working within an industry against one’s desires and passion. And living in a way that is unfulfilled and unmotivated can lead in turn to negative habits and states of mind. Conversely, a high degree of positive psychology will typically emerge in people who feel a clear sense of purpose and enjoyment of their work.

Additionally, workplaces can often host a variety of tensions and interpersonal threats, with bullying, discrimination and gossiping standing in the way of healthy workplace relationships and performance. Such conflicts can affect one’s productivity, but more importantly can impact mood and happiness at work and at home.

Furthermore, a change or loss in one’s career can cause enormous worry and uncertainty that can hugely impede one’s self esteem and lead to feelings of defeat, helplessness and at times despair. The challenge for people who find themselves in this position includes having to confront uncertainty, insecurity and re-adapting to new circumstances.

Counselling with a suitable psychologist can provide effective strategies for reducing the negative consequences of work related issues such as reducing work related stress, managing conflict, and building a healthy work-life balance. Our psychologists work collaboratively with individuals to identify the causes of their work-related unhappiness and to develop tools to improve fulfillment and well-being.

Counselling can also be a useful tool for individuals who do not necessarily experience conflict at work, but simply wish to improve time management and leadership skills, maximising one’s abilities to strive for success in their careers.

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Our counseling approach


We also understand that every client’s needs and preferences are unique. Nexus Psychologists are highly trained in a wide variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, and are able to draw from these to ensure that our clients receive the therapy that will be most beneficial to them.

We specialise in:
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • Exposure Based Therapy

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