What is Depression?

Sadness and feeling down are a part of life, but depression that goes beyond occasional or transient low mood can be draining, de-spiriting, and debilitating.

Life is full of ups and downs and occasionally having the blues is perfectly normal. Just as you feel elated with every triumph and success that you achieve, you feel sorrow when you experience difficulties, drawbacks, or disappointments.

Depression is a pervasive state of negative outlook and aversion to joy that affects thoughts, behaviour, emotions, and over all sense of well-being. Depression can often be, although not necessarily, triggered by an adverse circumstance, an accumulation of stress, or a significant life transition. The intensity and symptoms can vary from person to person and become problematic when symptoms are prolonged and severe.

Counselling can help you manage and even defeat symptoms of depression by helping you understand the factors underlying or leading to your depression, and by giving you the tools to overcome it through an individualised therapeutic process with a suitably matched psychologist.

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