MBSM Program Testimonials

“I have learnt a lot about mindfulness over the last few weeks. I like the practical hands on approach of these sessions e.g. Annette will demonstrate the mechanics of a particular practice (e.g. progressive muscle relaxation) during the session and then we have the opportunity to practice at home with a guided audio track. I found Annette to be warm, engaging and light hearted which made me feel at ease and made it a pleasant learning environment.”

“Annette is very informed on the subject, and helps open yourself to take a step back from life and view from a wider, more relaxed perspective.”

“The MBSM course has helped me gently remind myself that the world is bigger than just my narrow point of view, a few repeating thoughts I stew over. It has directed me down a path of realisation of how my mind works, how I can practically relax and change my thoughts, and how I have habitually forgotten so much about life. It is a path I know I have to work on, but the glimmers of light and beauty give me hope. So thank you very much for letting me be part of your group, I enjoyed it VERY much”

“The MBSM program has been a lifeline for helping me cope in dealing with and managing:
Stress & Anxiety Depression PTSD and Bereavement

“Annette was very compassionate and caring in her teaching. Everything was easy to grasp and extremely interesting and so rewarding. I looked forward to each session and felt the MBSM was an invaluable life long learning experience, I am so grateful and would fully recommend Annette and the MBSM to anyone. Finally a special thanks to Annette, Dori and Nexus.

“Annette has gently taken me through the program in a way that I have left any guilt at the door, failure or falling asleep is not a long term barrier to succeeding with mindfulness. I am on the journey. Thanks Annette and Nexus”

“I loved this course. Annette is very easy knowledgable, obviously walks the talk and shared very clearly her insights. She makes understanding mindfulness meditation very clear, practical and accessible.”

“The 4 weeks I have attended have been very worthwhile and have helped me to keep mu anxiety levels down.”

“Great course. I found it well organised with well put together course notes, including sending us audio recordings in a timely manner. Annette had a very warm approach that made it easy to get into mindfulness.”

“Great course. I did a 6 week course previous to this with another organisation and this course was far more organised and well thought out. Thank you Annette for your wonderful spirit.”

“I have gained so much from the course, I cant even begin to say how excellent it has been. Annette has been absolutely brilliant.”


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