Health Benefits of Having Pets

Here at Nexus Psychology we have seen the positive impact that owning a pet can have for people suffering from psychological strain. Many clients experiencing anxiety and depression benefit immensely from the presence of a furry friend.

Pets generally provide people with a sense of responsibility that ensures they will strive to take care of the creature in question. When you consider the daily needs of most pets, there are regular demands, such as meals and walks, which impose a routine on the owner. A regular routine is contributing factor to good mental health. Additionally the return for this investment in time is loyal companionship and a feeling of being needed.

In addition, owning an animal – particularly a dog – encourages people, including those suffering from mental health setbacks, to leave the home for walks and so on. As a result, one is able to spend more time indulging in activity, thus revamping their general daily outlook and bringing in a new perspective as a result. As well as companionship, often clients find themselves soothed by the mere presence of the animal.

Highlighting this benefit to mental health has seen us featured in an article on The Health Benefits of Having Pets by Bupa Pet Insurance. We told Bupa that one of the best ways a pet can help their owner cope with stress and distress is by simply being present in their life. ‘Patting and stroking an animal leads to a feeling of relaxation for both the owner and the pet’ and that can only be a good thing for all involved.

Take Control of Your Wellness

If you would like to know more about how your pet can help improve your well-being, or would simply like to have a chat about any other issue you’re currently facing, get in touch today.

We have a bespoke intake process, in which we take stock of any issues the client may be experiencing and pair the person with a psychologist that is sure to help them work through these problems. We ensure that a healthy and deeply beneficial relationship between client and psychologist is allowed to develop, as we believe that this is absolutely vital to regaining full wellness.

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