Parenting and Family Difficulties

Parenthood and family dynamics can, at times, and during particular phases of a family’s life cycle, be a tricky thing to navigate.

Our family environment is foundational to our practical and emotional needs, and all families face relational challenges – particularly during periods or growth and transition.

Although being a parent can be extremely rewarding, there are times when it may bring feelings of frustration or deep concern. There are no clear rules or guidelines on how to raise kids, and for many people this can be a complex journey. From the initial anxieties of becoming a new parent, to sending your child to school for the first time, and supporting your teenager through various challenges in life, parenthood can seem like a constant rollercoaster full of ups and downs. Parents may find it difficult to understand the unique needs of their child and address these, whilst managing their own busy lives. This can be exacerbated by of the challenges that can be present by children and adolescents; multiple things to focus on and an inability for the parent to cope.

Problematic or difficult at life situations that affect the whole family can also put a strain on the relationships within. This may include health problems, financial strain, mental health issues and conflict between family members. Transitions within the family such as loss and separation can also cause sudden change in one’s life, forcing the family to make dramatic adjustments. These issues, if unresolved, can be challenging and affected individuals or the family as a whole can benefit from outside support.

Our psychologists can help parents and families in multiple ways to address their unique problems to develop strong coping strategies. Psychologists trained to work systemically or as family therapists are able to work with a family as a whole group, or with family subgroups and/or individuals to mobilise the family’s strengths and resources. Through counselling, an understanding of the family’s dynamics and the child and parent’s needs can be explored in order to improve confidence and communication. This in turn will strengthen relationships within the family and improve the wellbeing of its members.

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Our counseling approach


We also understand that every client’s needs and preferences are unique. Nexus Psychologists are highly trained in a wide variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, and are able to draw from these to ensure that our clients receive the therapy that will be most beneficial to them.

We specialise in:
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • Exposure Based Therapy

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