Nicholas Kerr



Nicholas works closely with clients by establishing an engaging rapport and creating a space for open communication. His approach focuses on the issues most pertinent to people’s lives and emphasises more solution-focused outcomes. He aims to identify individual strengths and coping strategies that enable people to cope with everyday life. Nicholas seeks to identify an individual’s distressing thoughts and negative behaviours, and work to create a more positive mindset and foster better outcomes. Nicholas specialises in Organisational Psychology, which includes workplace conflict, work stress, job satisfaction, and career development.



Nicholas has worked in the mental health and disabilities sector for 14 years. He has worked very closely with clients suffering from depression and anxiety, drug and alcohol problems, autism and schizophrenia. He more has recently been working in the organisational assessment and performance management industry, as well as providing professional development and career advice.

Clients I work with:
  • Adults
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