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Video counselling is an effective, growing form of therapy with many benefits to suit our modern, busy lifestyle. So you can now talk to a psychologist in the comfort of your own home or chosen location. Compared to phone consultation, which has been the primary mode for remote therapy access, video counselling has the added benefit of enabling visual facial expression and body language. This is an especially helpful option for those with mobility restrictions or people living in rural areas where access to psychology clinics may be limited.

Online counselling offers flexibility for people who work long hours, do shift work or have a busy lifestyle. Scheduling an appointment without the stress of travel can also save money and valuable time.

Some people may find the idea of face to face therapy confronting or exposing. Whereas, being in front of a screen and in the comfort of one’s own home can feel safer, while still offering the ability to fully engage in a therapeutic process.

Video therapy can be an enticing option for adolescents who are very familiar with this type of technology. It can make them feel more comfortable, as meeting a psychologist in person to discuss personal issues often poses a barrier to accessing meaningful help.

Clients already engaged with a therapist, who may be relocating are seriously advantaged by access to online counselling. It means they can still see the same psychologist and not have to go through the uncertain process of finding another compatible therapist.

So while communicating in a virtual manner may not be for everyone, it certainly offers many benefits and is stamping itself as a current and viable mode of meaningful access to therapy.  It comes down to personal preference. But it is a practical option for many who need flexibility and may otherwise miss out on getting the help they need.

If you would like to find out more about video counselling with Nexus Psychologists, please contact our clinic on (03) 9500 0751 or email Our reception staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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