How to Deal with Anger

As with every emotion, it is not wrong to feel anger. However, frequent angry outbursts, or internally repressed anger can compromise our lives significantly.

Anger becomes problematic and disruptive when it is frequent, easily triggered, disproportionate and / or uncontrolled. Controlling anger is a responsibility we have to ourselves and to the people around us. But when emotions get the better of us we can lose ourselves and become used to maladaptive reactions – both internal and external. Anger management is a life skill that equips you with the ability to control excessive and intense anger and to stay calm when faced with situations that would otherwise compel you to be angry.

Controlling anger does not mean removing the emotion altogether. As mentioned already, anger is a normal emotion. Anger, expressed in healthy ways, can also help you manage challenges in life better. And so learning anger-managment is about promoting appropriate expression of anger.

Here at Nexus, our psychologists work effectively with individuals to help learn and develop anger management as a life skill.

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